"Turk is a chocolate male"

or “How I spent 9.5 hours in the ER…and didn’t catch a glimpse of Zach Braff or Ellen Pompeo”

So here’s the deal. After many months of stomach issues that I thought were related to stress, bad eating habits, and my previously diagnosed and undermanaged IBS, things changed this week. On 3 separate occasions, I either went to bed or woke up absolutely uncomfortable and ended up very sick for hours of the evening. Last night was the worst. When I was at a loss for what do to do appease myself, I woke Kevin up and he called my Doc. When we explained the pain and pressue in my upper right abdomen and the other symptoms-to-be-named (but I’m sure you could guess!), she didn’t miss a beat. “Oh, that’s a gallbladder attack and you need to go to the ER”. So off we went at 5:15 a.m.

Fast forward 9.5 hours and what I’ve ended up with is a case of gall stones, one of which is hanging out in my bile duct (I know…such language!) What does this mean? Lapyroscopic surgery to remove my gall bladder, of course! I guess the good news is that my stomach issues could be resolved with this surgery…and my quality of life could be vastly improved upon. AND, the surgery isn’t that scary and pretty much a quick recovery.

Now all I have to do is wait for the consultation with the surgeon….


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