I wish all grocery store experiences were like this..

…or do I?

A rainy night at the local grocery store. Picture a somewhat tired looking, somewhat damp looking, young woman with curly blonde hair standing in line at the grocery store as the cashier scans her 6-pack (of OJ) and box of donuts she is purchasing for a work function early the next morning. The following exchange occurs between her and the bagger (a young woman in her teens?):

Bagger: Wow. I like your scarf.
Woman: Thank you.
Bagger: You look like you should be someone important. Are you a teacher?
Woman: No.
Bagger: Are you a Doctor?
Woman: No.
Bagger: How bout a Lawyer?
Woman: Nope. I work for a non-profit.
Bagger: Oh. (long pause) Cuz you look really smart. You look like you should be a teacher or a doctor or something.



5 thoughts on “I wish all grocery store experiences were like this..

  1. i think thats really funny….if you’re smart, you can only be a teacher or a doctor or a lawyer. smart people dont do anything other than that…..that must make sarah and joel really smart because one’s a dr and one’s a teacher???

  2. Looking smart is half the battle. Well, probably like 75% of it. People won’t even listen if you look dumb.People are so weird. But you do look smart. And you are. So at least she picked up on that.

  3. Seriously Kelly, this story is freaking hilarious. I just want to know why I am finding out about it on your blog. We’ve both had weird grocery store experiences lately what with me getting yelled at by a random stranger about my choice of diet Dr. Pepper. “There is too much sugar in there!” Dude, it’s diet…chill.

  4. I've been bloging over your writing and I can't help laughing almost all the time.You make life seem so bright , noone can be sad or hopeless near you. Go on doing this. I wish you all the good things in life , you can pass them so well to other people , I know I can profit from this. Being selfish? Or really smart – without the scarf?

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