Where’s your daddy?

Quick story..
So I pull into the driveway this evening after work. Thanks to the time change, it’s still light out and unseasonably sunny despite it being still about 40 degrees. Ethan and Braden, our neighbor kids (almost 4 and almost 2 respectively) are oustide playing in their sand table (different than a box because you stand at it rather than sit in it). I come out of the garage and am greeted by several emphatic and enthusiastic greetings. But then Ethan looks troubled and the following exchange occurs:
Ethan: Hey where’s the other…where’s the buddy?
Me: What?
Ethan: Your daddy. Where is he?
Me: My daddy? You mean Kevin? He’s not my daddy Ethan.
Ethan: But where is he?
Me: I think he’s in the house already. He drove his own car and came home already.
Ethan: He’s in the house? I want to see him!

At which point in go inside and inform “my daddy” (I threw up in my mouth a little just typing that) that he’s being summoned and someone wants to see him. So Kevin leans out the side door in plain view and is greeted by several emphatic and enthusiastic greetings of his own.



2 thoughts on “Where’s your daddy?

  1. Haha! Kids are funny when they are trying to figure out how people are connected. Mine tell/ask me all the time – who is daddy’s mommy? Who is Nanny’s little boy? I guess you could take it as a complement that he did not suggest that you were Kevin’s mom – you look to young and beautiful to be a mom of someone that old!! 🙂

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