I can rhyme and play tic-tac-toe…

So I’ve been doing the JA thing in our niece Anna’s classroom. Last week was my first week and from what we could gather from those she told the story to, she was pretty thrilled. I loved being in her classroom full of friends and hearing all their stories and ideas. Kindergarteners are hysterical.

Today, I posted a rather stressed status on the ol’ FB which caused my SIL Kim to message me and ask if the kids gave me trouble today. I messaged her back that my day would have been brighter if I’d had a chance to be with any kids today, but that what has been ailing me is far too adult and serious for me (stoopid economy).

Apparently, Anna made a story that she told not just to Kim, but also to Chris when he got home from work all about how I’d come to her class today and we played rhyming games and tic-tac-toe. I read them stories and asked them questions, though when I called on Anna she didn’t know the answers. She told them I might be back tomorrow, but that was up to Mrs. Lewis (her teacher) to decide.

I’m not sure what cracks me up more–the fact that my niece is making up stories about me coming to her school (flattering, I think) or that in her own stories, she can’t even come up with the answers to my questions!

Kids these days…


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