Operation Pasta Dinner: Postponed

All I have to say is that it’s a good thing I made the ham and bean soup yesterday as well. We set forth fully intending to make our own pasta. The dough was ready and had rested like the all my research said it was good to do.

Back in November, Kevin’s mom had given us her mother’s pasta machine and I finally decided it was time to put it to work. It was a little dirty, the crank was sticking, and I coudln’t seem to get it clamped down to the counter hard enough so that it didn’t wiggle waggle whilst we were cranking the dough through. But we persevered. Until we were nearly done smoothing the dough before running it through the noodle cutters…

Let’s just say that it cranks no more. You should have seen our faces. Not only was it totally disappointing because we really wanted to make homemade pasta, but it was also pretty horrible that the family pasta machine smoothed it’s final sheet of dough on our watch. Plus, I had really delicious plans for that pasta (chicken and homemade alfredo sauce, and salad, YUM). So we had the soup for dinner last night and it was hit. However, It made a HUGE pot of soup so if you are in the Cleveland area and want some delicious bean and ham soup, I’m happy to give you a freezer container full of it.

We’ve still got a day left to save this pasta dream of ours…


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