Things I have learned this week (and it’s only Wednesday!):

1. There is hope.
2. Some things (like historical presidential inauguarations) are worth missing work, losing sleep, standing for hours (and hours and hours and hours), enduring dangerously cold temperatures, and forgoing privacy (and sanity) for a few days.
3. Strangers are warm and giving, even in what can be absolutely miserable situations.
4. It pays to be prepared.
5. There is hope.
6. I am totally smitten with my husband over and over and over…
7. There is hope.
8. Regardless of how you voted in November, our country is headed for change…and it will be good. Scratch that. It will be amazing.
9. Even the wost hot chocolate in the world can taste like a little piece of heaven when you can’t feel your limbs.
10. THERE IS HOPE…and his name is Barack Obama.


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