Ain’t no party like my nana’s tea party Hey…Hoe!

And what a party it will be! Kevin and I are headed on an adventure of sorts this coming Monday. We are driving down to Baltimore on Monday, crashing in a hotel room with Maria (who I work with), Judith (who lives with Maria, who I have met, and sort of know through assocation with Maria) and, newly added to the adventure, Michelle (who neither Kevin nor I know, but is friends with Maria and said to be good peeps). On Tuesday, we will drive to a metro stop near Baltimore, and take the train into DC to see what we can see of the Inauguaral festivities. We will return to Cleveland at a decent hour on Wednesday, possibly stopping at IKEA on the way home, get in a nap, and snuggle in for the season premier of Lost. I’m pretty excited to see what this trip has in store for us. As things stand right now, it’s having a very Woodstock kind of feel. We’re driving into B-more with Michelle, whom we’ve never met and hardly know, we’re staying in a hotel room with a billion people (ok, so there will be 5 of us total, but still), and everything just feels really casual and free-form. I think we’ll be bringing Kev’s laptop with us, so maybe I’ll be able to blog from Baltimore with some highlights as the trip goes on.

In other news, I’m doing laundry, making granola, and just trying to stay warm and as happy as I can. One thing I’ve realized is that it’s pretty hard for me to be happy in the winter–January and February are cold and dreary. I think part of my winter blues also may stem from the withdrawal of the holidays–missing my family, warmer weather, sunshine, time off from work, time with my husband, etc. Kevin started class again this week and things are ramping up at work. I’m just having some motivation issues–hard to get out of bed. But I’m bearing through it. I always do. Kevin also seems determined to help me through and has done many a silly dance this week just to make me smile…which I appreciate more than he’ll ever realize.

Ok folks, gotta run because I got a quiche in the oven and I think Kevin may end up winning the movie war tonight. We’ll be watching Cool Hand Luke tonight, it seems.



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