The biggest triumphs of 2008

…will now have to include the making of ricotta cheese, all by myself, without any chemicals or a cheesemaking kit. It was easy. I can’t take credit for coming up with the formula myself. I found a new blog that I think I will have to check in on regularly. At any rate, she had a recipe posted for Fresh Ricotta which basically called for me to heat a half gallon of whole milk and two cups of buttermilk together in a pot until it reached 175-180 degrees. At that point, the curds separated from the whey, and I ladeled the curds into a collander lined with cheese cloth, ran an errand, and came home to ricotta cheese ready to refrigerate.

Next on my list to master…GUMBO. I finally remembered to jot down my mom’s recipe when we were in Alabama last week and now I think I’m set and ready to go. GET EXCITED and maybe say a little prayer. I’m gonna be right pissed if I ruin $30 worth of ingredients!!!

You’re probably also wondering how our holiday in Alabama went. All in all, a very good visit. The biggest bummers were: that Jessica, Dee, and Ben were grounded in Boston and didn’t end up making it down and that I didn’t get to hang with the Frankenbergs at Carpe Diem. Highlights of the trip were: warm weather; watching Hannah learn to play Mario Cart; hanging out with Laurin, Kelley, their husbands, and Brent at Callaghan’s and discovering that I enjoy drinking Smithwicks; eating myself into a stupor on a regular basis. GOOD TIMES!

Another awesome thing is that I don’t work this week and neither does Kevin. Hard to believe that it’s already new years eve tomorrow. We are headed to a matinee movie tomorrow, then to Julie and Scottie’s to hang with them and the Resetars to ring in the new year. Then Thursday, we’ve got Christmas at the Hatgas HQ. I’ll be planning to make my gumbo on Friday and I might even try my hand at breadmaking.


2 thoughts on “The biggest triumphs of 2008

  1. Kelly! You’ll just have to come over to Lansing to hang out with 1/2 of the Frankenbergs… Missed you at Carpe. Funny, I also saw Brent at Callaghans. Does he live there? Hope to see you soon!

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