Santa came early this year….

Santa must’ve been reading my blog and seeing what a struggle I have been going through to be in the holiday spirit and brought me a little something special to put me in mood. And it was something I didn’t even ask for!

I’m sick.

I’m sick and unfortunately not just sniffle sniffle cough cough sick. I’m complete head congestion, cough, eye-popping-out-of-socket, teeth aching, both ears completely clogged, sick. And I have so much to accomplish that it is driving me stark raving mad, which is also contributing to the sick.

So, is this how you want to play the game, Santa? Touche.

In all seriousness, I feel like utter !@#$ and while I’m trying to take it lightly, I’m also taking it really seriously. Why, may you ask? Weeellll…we are leaving in 4 days for Alabama, nothing is packed, presents are not purchased, gifts are not made, our house is a mess, my husband has finals 2 nights this week after work. Speaking of work, we have (had?) 4 full working days this week to reach our holiday sprint goals so our office would be closed the week of christmas next week. If I’m not here to make that happen, though, I’m wondering if we’ll make our goals. And if not, then I’ll feel more than a little badly about it.

The weather is also doing this weird thing where it is 54 degrees this morning, but should be snowing and 20 by tonight. I’m also not entirely sure I’ve had a good nights sleep in over a week or two.

It’s no wonder Santa thought this gift would be just for me. I’ve been unknowingly planning this for weeks with the way I’ve been operating.

Regardless of what happens this week, I can’t wait to be down in Alabama with my family, away from work, etc. I just truly need to refocus and get ready to start 2009 off with huge bang.

I have a doc appointment later this afternoon so just pray for some antibiotics, some decongestant, some nasal spray–ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING that could possibly make this girl start feeling like herself.


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