Nostalgia (or lack thereof)

So Christmas is in 19 days. Did I miss the memo saying it was coming early this year? Apparently so. I’ve been so caught up and behind in my own life that I have completely neglected the thought that the biggest holiday of the year (and the one that requires the most prep work) is headed our way. Which of course leaves the usual glut of tasks to do in all aspects of my life–the last minute scramble to meet our pre-holiday goals at work, the holiday shopping, the holiday baking, the packing, the mental preparation required to make a 15 hour car ride, laundry, etc. It’s a crazy time.

Somehow, though, I’m missing my christmas spirit this year. Kevin is usually Mr. Scrooge in our household, and this year it is certainly true. *The previous comment may sound mean, but in actuality he said to me this morning “I have no holiday spirit whatsoever this year”. What he doesn’t realize is that he has said that every year for the past three christmases we have spent together. I’m beginning to get a complex. But I digress…*
I am, however, doing my best to go through the motions. We did some holiday shopping today, I bought a red bow for our lamp post outside, and there’s egg nog in the fridge. I guess I should probably just start playing that christmas music, and hope that it catches on.


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