It is officially fall.

Ok, so I know it was “officially” officially fall back in September but it hasn’t really felt like it. We’ve had an indian summer of sorts here in Northeast Ohio lately. Sure, the fall color has been amazing, but when you sit outside on your front stoop on Halloween to hand out candy, and you aren’t even the least bit chilly, it’s a kind of fake out. This week, when I wasn’t looking, the sun decided to go down WAAAAY earlier (thanks to DST), the trees decided to drop all of their leaves (in our yard, no less), and the temperature dropped about 20 degrees. All of this has made for a cozy fall weekend so far, complete with fire, hot apple cider, and warm cookies from the oven. MMMMMmmmmmm….

If my whole week could be like that, I’d be one happy girl.

Not a whole lot else is going on. Work is getting pretty intense in many ways. I had a stomach ache most of the week thinking about it…and in fact, I have another week just like last week facing me tomorrow. It’s really hard for me to remember that I can only do what I can do and as long as I’m doing my best, everything else will fall into place. Unfortunately, that duty falls on my wonderfully sweet husband who becomes completely overwhelmed and bewildered by my moodiness when my stress levels soar to astronomical heights. I know he’d love some help reminding me that life is good. My blood pressure is starting to rise just thinking about the next few days. Sigh.


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