Seems like most of my posts as of late have been things like “Hey, I’m back from here and on my way here!” I know you were probably seeking some kind of break in the monotony….but not this time! Tomorrow morning, I’ll be on my way to Milwaukee, WI for a work-related conference. I’m excited to be going to Milwaukee because I think it has a reputation for being a pretty cool mid-west city and I’m a big fan of those. So for those of you concerned about when you’ll get your next Kelly-fix…I’ll be back on Thursday.

So what have I been up to lately? I’ve been really trying to dive back into work. Things are busy for a multitude of reasons most people’s jobs get busy (work is normally busy, taking on more responsibilities, lots of meetings, taking over other offices, training new staff, trying to keep your head above water–you get the idea). This week I worked so hard that I could actually pin-point the exact moment when my brain just went flat dead and my energy level made like the economy and flat out plummeted to an uncertain depth. Thursday afternoon at exactly 3:31 p.m. I believe I even said to Caye “Wow, I think my brain just exploded because I can’t possibly think any more”

Weekends have been reserved for fun things like getting pumpkins, buying fall wreaths to hang on the door, purchasing fall mums, gathering the tools needed to make extra spooky ghosts for the front yard, reveling in the fact that we have a front yard to decorate with said ghosts, buying halloween candy, etc. We also have been going out with friends which is awesome. Last weekend, we went to a Hibachi place on the west-side with some friends and then went back to their house to play Scene It, which was a riot. T

his weekend, we started things off with sushi at Pacific East, which is just about the best place ever. You can get a variety of sushi rolls (I can’t stand too much raw fish–it doesn’t agree with me) and it was a nice change from dining at home. Yesterday, I ran some errands and chilled out while Kevin studied for his big test tomorrow. We had dinner at the Resetar’s and ended up having a late night out due to a never-ending game of Trivial Pursuit quickly followed by a new card game called Ping.

Today, I slept in, did laundry for my trip, and attended a baby shower for Bristol Palin. I tell you what, even if I can’t drink it, I want Sangria at my baby shower…and a drag queen performer! It was a lot of fun and great for people watching.

Tonight, I think I’ll pull some items together for my trip and spend some time with Kevin. My flight doesn’t leave until noon-ish, so I’ll have plenty of time in the morning to pull myself together, right?


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