And by this time tomorrow…

…I will be about to land in tropical Baltimore, Maryland on my fantastic voyage to DC. I know. Lots of travelling. I can definitely appreciate what some of my poor volunteers are feeling when they say that they travel too much. I am about to go CRAZY and I was only gone for about 3 full days last week, and will be gone another three full days this week. Part of it is that things are so crazy at work right now, and I am just not set up to be able to work remotely. So I’m somewhat limited in what I can accomplish. And that stinks because that means there’s all the more for me to do and catch up on when I get back.

Colorado was great! It was a fast and furious trip and I got to see very little of Colorado Springs itself, but it was a good trip and made me feel important/capable/valued/intelligent/etc. I’m hoping my trip to DC proves the same.

Not much to report on this end other than laundry, work, and various freak outs about Sarah Palin. Can’t wait for life to return to normal!

More later!!


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