What happened to Kelly? (Now with Photos!)

When it’s summertime in the city (and you’re a new homeowner), it’s hard to find the time to actually sit down and blog properly. We’ve been taking lots of pictures, too, which I kept intending to craft into some sort of photographic journaly timeline thingadoodle so people could see what our lives have been like recently and what’s going on. But I’m at work without the camera and the gods have inspired an udpate, so I thought I’d just jump right in and give you some highlights (and I’ll try to update with pictures later).

We planted a garden! Then the deer proceeded to eat my garden. Mmmm…pepper plants. We saw a young doe confused and running through our neighborhood in the middle of the day on July 4th. Patriotic? I think not. Seeing her made me feel like letting her eat my pepper plants is the least I can do…poor thing.

We learned the Mulders are moving. We are coping because we want them to be happy, but will miss them terribly. I’m not sure they know how much.

My parents came to visit and fun ensued. It was great to have them here, but it was our second set of major house guests (mouse not included) that have come to see us in the first 8 weeks of us owning our home. When they left I was exhausted!
Kevin bought horseshoes (at my suggestion) and Mom even tried her hand at it. Seeing her throw horseshoes gives me no doubt that I am her daughter (as if there was any to begin with).

My book club is reading Omnivore’s Dilemma and I was inspired to join a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). Basically, this means that I will get vegetables that are locally grown, mostly organic, fresh and seasonal. We also talked the Mulders into this as well. Which means “Battle Cabbage” will occur this weekend (more to come as information becomes available)

All in all, life is good. I love our new house, the yard with bunnies, the deer-eaten peppers, and all that it has to offer. Can’t wait to head home this afternoon!


One thought on “What happened to Kelly? (Now with Photos!)

  1. The Mulders know, since they will be missing you just as much. Why do you think they keep trying to tell you how great TC is? It’s a great place to raise kids. They could ride Dela’s pony.

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