Adventures in East Cleveland (or why it’s a bad idea to burn cookies in 95 degree heat)

Thank god my husband has found time to blog about our new place because it seems I’ve been otherwise occupied.

This past week was particularly fun as we scrambled at work to get some additional programming scheduled in the hopes that we can reach our goal. With school coming to a close for most school districts on Wednesday, things started to heat up. Unfortunately, they were heating up outside as well. So while we were running around with our heads on fire in the office, it was reaching record above average temps outside. It was a very sticky week.

Friday comes with two school events, the larger of which I was managing for most of the day. Thank god for AC! It was HOT. The kids were great and I have a new respect for teachers in East Cleveland. How they kept their kids so well behaved when there were just two full days of school left, on a FRIDAY, when it was a billion degrees out??? I ‘ll never know. The event (successful, albeit) was followed by kit drop offs in the city of East Cleveland and orientations for some last minute events that just so happen to be scheduled on Monday–the same day as our Golf Invitational. I worked until about 7 p.m. and decided it was time to head home.

Saturday morning I was up bright and early…and ready to go meet with some teachers and one of our Board Members about an upcoming summer program. Was I bummed that I had to spend my Saturday morning working? HELL YES. Was it worth it? probably.
Later, Kevin and I ran errands and did more kit drop offs before surrendering to the heat and collapsing on the couch. The Mulders joined in on the fun though and frozen drinks were had by all! It was a lot of fun…even if I did fall asleep watching a bootlegged Iron Man at 8:30 p.m.

So Sunday comes. For those of you who know me, you probably recall that every Sunday before our Golf Invitational, atleast part of my day is dedicated to baking homemade chocolate chip cookies for our golfers. Don’t worry, each staff member is committed to making 5 dozen. However, it always seems to be when it is uncontrollably hot outside. I can tell you on a morning when it is 81 at 9 a.m., the last thing you want to do is bake cookies. I was in such a rush to get them done that I actually burned the first two batches so it took me twice as long as it should have. And it was HOT!!!

Tomorrow morning brings a school event followed by picking up flowers and heading to the country club to meet my coworkers for the exciting finish of the Golf event. Atleast the food will be good and there will be drinks and a sunset at the end of the evening….


I’m super excited about that. Kevin and I got a hotel room at the Lodge at Geneva-on-The-Lake with a lake view. It is apparently on the beach which is really exciting to me. We are going to check out a winery there called Ferrante. I’m just glad we can get away–even if it’s only for a night!

I’m also excited to be spending some time with Kevin, relaxing, and being at HOME in our new HOME! WOO!

Alright, gotta go get ready for the morning. Hopefully, more to come!


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