Ok, so I get it.

My last post made no sense. I get it. But life isn’t necessarily seeming to make much sense right now. We’ve got very exciting major things happening in our lives, yet we are both in agony about the goings on in other “departements”.

Yes, things are relatively good in a general sense. And for that I’m thankful. I think we both are. However, we are finding ourselves sleeping less, getting sick more (stress), not spending enough time together (running errands does not constitute quality time as many of you married folks know), and just feeling out of sorts. There’s alot going on and despite the good times, we are still struggling.

The frustrating thing for me is feeling like I’m stuck right smack dab in the middle of being completely and utterly excited and pulling the curtains, curling up into bed and not leaving for days. Do most people feel this way when life is majorly happening? Are we have a twenty-something crisis? Is there even such a thing? I don’t know…

I’m feeling a little stressed (if by little you mean majorly) and I know Kevin is a “little” stressed as well. What I think we need to do is a) win the lottery and b) take a vacation. If anyone can help us out with either of these, I’d appreciate it!


One thought on “Ok, so I get it.

  1. Don’t worry darlin’. I too feel this way. In fact my wife even recognizes when I’m in that state and has a name for it… no I will not tell you what it is. This too shall pass. You can always come over and gaze into my beautiful daughter’s eyes. It always make me feel better.

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