Weird Weekend

Time continues to pass entirely too fast and not fast enough all at once. In the world of work, I’d love for it to be last month again. We’re putting new meaning to the phrase “crunch-time” by crunching it even more.

In the world of non-work, we can’t wait to get the keys to our new house so we can start doing all the things that we stay up at night obsessing about doing! We have about 11 days until we close. Our apartment should be designated an official disaster area. We have LOTS to do. Lots and lots and lots.

This weekend was good times, though I feel as though I’ve hardly seen my husband this past week. We spent alot of our time this weekend doing things separately. I can’t say this thrills me, but i know it’s just a fact of the matter.

Today, I hope to take it easy–grocery shopping, reading, and maybe some cooking tonight.

When we get the keys, we’ll post some progress pictures to keep everyone up to date.
Just keep thinking April 24th….


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