…it’s only the 4th day of March. 5 days until Daylight Saving Time, and it is FREEZING RAIN outside. Rain, grey skies, and cold temps are one thing. Freezing rain that produces a thick layer of ice on EVERYTHING…QUITE another.

I voted today and it felt good. I was torn until the very last second. Oh, and extremely disappointed that I had to vote by provisional ballot. They had me down as requesting an Absentee ballot which I did not. In my whole voting life, I’ve never been able to vote the real way instead of by provisional ballot. My first year, they didn’t receive my registration so they didn’t have me on the books at my polling location. My second time, they couldn’t figure out if I was really registered. That was the year I voted for John Kerry, I think. The time before that, I was between polling places because I had just gotten married so I voted by provisional ballot then too. Doesn’t matter, just want to beat out Republicans.

Other highlights to report:
I actually slept last night.
Kevin and I grow closer to finding a house (don’t wanna jinx anything).
I ate a delicious dinner.

Keep you posted on all accounts!


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