After all that…

…and I still don’t know what it really sounds like when doves cry!

So life continues here in tropical Cleveland Heights, Ohio. Work continues to be busy and well, work-like for us both. This weekend went a little too fast because I had to work all day yesterday (pretty much from 7:30 a.m. until 6 p.m.) and I basically crashed after dinner. I’ve not been feeling well lately, but hope that things will begin to turn around as Kevin and I make a vow to eat healthier foods. Winter, being busy, and being stressed do not necessarily good eaters make. I, for one, know that if I intend to be at all happy in the months to come, the life has to change a little bit. Otherwise, all my stress will continue to manifest in my digestive tract and make normal living pretty horrible. And no one wants that.

We are scheduled to look at more houses tomorrow after work. There is one in particular that is intriguing to us, however I think that it is appliance-free which could pose a host of problems. Kevin and I went to price appliances just so we could get a grasp on the ultimate cost of purchasing and the figures are a little grim. But nothing we can’t handle, I’m sure.

We’ve also agreed to communicate a little better since this is a pretty big thing we are dealing with. After Monday, we might decide to cool it for a week or two before we make any decisions. We are starting to feel like we’ve seen what we can see.
Our quest continues and as always we’ll keep you posted.

There really isn’t much else to report.


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