Just in case God reads my blog…

Dear God,
Thank you for reading my blog. I know you must be very busy. I won’t bore you with the day to day details of my life. You probably know them already, or can atleast consult my file. Rather, I am writing to ask for your help.

You see, Kevin and I are working really hard to find a house. While our search has provided moments of entertainment, excitement, and hope we are both feeling pretty frustrated. And we are beginning to take this out on each other. Just today, Kevin and I were trying to discuss the properties we have seen when I asked him if he was beginning to resent me. His response was not only delayed, but he then proceeded to tell me that I’m too particular and he just wants me to be happy with one of the ones we’ve seen.

Now, you and I both know, God, that I’m not particular about much in life. However, this is probably the biggest decision we have made together since getting married. It’s a huge investment. My general feeling is that I better love the hell out of a place before I commit my life over to it. I’m not holding out to spite him. I’m holding out for the right and best thing. For both of us. I’m sure if a minute was spared to consider the outcome of buying a house one of us wasn’t totally stoked about (long term), one would see that it is not worth it if our hearts are not totally in it. It would only cause further anguish. And honestly, who wants a $1,200 a month payment AND anguish. Especially when anguish is usually free.

God, I’m just asking for a sign. Something to tell us when we’ve both found “The House”. Perhaps we have found it already but for some reason can’t seem to come to a meeting of the minds on it? Or maybe we have yet to see this place? We need some optimism. Usually, I’m a wealth of such treasure. Lately, it’s wearing thin.

Maybe you could also arrange a good nights sleep or two for us? Hell, that could be the answer in and of itself. We seem to be less patient when we are tired and there hasn’t been a lot of sleep happening here lately. Restless days turn into restless nights….it’s a vicious cyle really.

Anyhow, I digress. I’d very much appreciate your prompt consideration in this matter. Any feedback or comments you can provide would be great!

Thanks again for reading and have a great day!



One thought on “Just in case God reads my blog…

  1. Out of Office Reply: God@God.comThank you for your email. I am away from my office, but have limited access to email. If this is Kelly, just know that the right house will come at the right time. If you need further assistance, please email: jesus2@God.com.

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