8 Friggin Degrees?

No really. I’m serious. It is 8 freaking degrees outside. Wind chills could be as low as NEGATIVE 15 degrees. And we could get as much as 4-9 inches of lake effect snow today through tomorrow morning in persistent snow bands.

None of this would be so bad if we could be holed up in our cute little bungalow somewhere in Cleveland Heights with a fire going in the fire place, snuggled with our cats and just reading the day away…

But the reality of the situation is that our apartment is small, dirty, and messy. It is also freezing because we live on the ground floor so all our heat is being enjoyed by the lovelies on the 4th floor of the building. Also, our windows aren’t sealed properly and there is about an 2 inch gap under our front door. Our front door is in the lobby of our apartment building which is accessible through swinging doors that are also NOT sealed in any way shape or form. It’s cold, people.

We have a fireplace, but it is sealed and for decoration only. Our landlord also pays for our heat so he has ultimate control over how hot it gets in our apartment.

All this being said, I really shouldn’t complain. I wonder what the guys that I usually see sleeping on park benches on my way to work are doing today to stay warm? I’ve also seen people sleeping on the huge vents in the sidewalk downtown some days when it is cold because heat comes up from some nether-region beneath the streets. I’m just thankful we have an extra day this weekend.

I’m planning a big pot of beef vegetable soup today and we’ll probably try to resolve some of our slovenly ways as well.

I just was stricken with the need to complain and this seemed the perfect vehicle for that. Sorry for being a negative nelly. Now, back to my raging optimism!!


2 thoughts on “8 Friggin Degrees?

  1. Seriously – 8 degrees!?!?! Shouldn’t schools and jobs and such close for such frigidity?!?! (I made up that last word)Anyway – I am hoping you will have some warmer weather soon. 🙂And I have finished all three books in the His Dark Materials series – I would love to chat about it!Good luck in the house hunt and I hope you have warm socks. Love, Lettie – still in good old Mobile where I have actually never heard anyone say “fiddle-dee-dee”. 🙂

  2. It’s true. We’re headed for a heat wave this weekend…maybe get above freezing! WOOO!!!We should definitely chat about the Golden Compass Series. I’m half-way through book 2. I stopped to read Atonement which I LOVED. You should also see the movie. VERY SAD.We are looking at houses this weekend with our realtor! YAY! Send good vibes our way. We have the month of February to look so we can get out of our apartment on time. Thanks for reading!! 🙂

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