Movies you must see


It’s funny, quirky, and the main character is totally someone that I could relate to on many levels. Even if she is only 17 and pregnant.

Sweeney Todd

Gory, yes. But a must see! Very amusing and choc-full of your favorite actors. Make sure you’re in the mood for singing.


I don’t usually make Oscar predictions, but I would like to call this film for best picture. It was absolutely beautiful, poignant, and probably the most devastating movie I’ve seen in a long time. Want proof? Kevin actually AGREES with me on this one. As I type this post a full 24 hours AFTER seeing the movie, I’m still filled with despair and can hardly wait to read the book (though I know I’m asking for additional heartache).

Last King of Scotland

Brutal, but definitely worth it. Forrest Whittaker is a beast.

I’m intending to be on a big film kick…my “Winter Wonderland of Film” Series perhaps? The weather is much too cold and depressing, and television is losing its appeal with the writers strike, more reality TV than ever, and about 10 new shows starting that are all about bitchy, stylish women living in the city and trying to make sense of their lives. Not exactly something I can relate to.

Anyways, life continues on. Next up on the Netflix Que, The History Boys. I’ll keep you posted.


3 thoughts on “Movies you must see

  1. Thanks for the reviews. I now refuse to see Juno because the hype. Refuse. Buuuut thanks the miracle that is Netflix (I mean, really, it is up there with the Second Coming)I will place in my queue all three of these movies.Though, one of my theatre loving homo friends said that if you saw the stage production of Sweeney, you won’t like the movie, and if you didn’t, you would. Hmmm…Atonement: yes, I want to see it because the plot looks awesome. But can I overcome my indifference to KK? I don’t know. Plus, if it’s chock full of despair…I dunno. I mean are we talking Titanic despair or like Diary of Anne Frank despair? P.S. Why wouldn’t you like shows about women making it in the city? Being a girl from lil ole Bama and all I thought you could appreciate it. 🙂 Maybe you’re like Mary Tyler Moore except married, southern, not a newcaster and blonde. But other than that…totally.

  2. I randomly look at blogs and enjoyed yours.Juno was a little too precious for me–not that I’d know but is it really that easy to be a 16 year old girl who gives her baby away?Did you see “I Am Legend.” It isn’t a classic but a couple of hours of escape, a good Netflix movie if nothing else.

  3. Welcome Middle Aged Southerner! I’m thrilled to have a blog fan and a kindred transplant out there in the great world of Northeast Ohio.In regards to I am Legend, I have not seen it. My husband read (and loved) the book in anticipation of the film only to discover through many official reviews from the press and unofficial reviews from friends that it was about zombies, not vampires and that the ending was botched. I’m sure it’ll make it on our que at some point tho…

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