So are you ready for a Kelly story?

For as many years and trips I have taken back to ‘Bama, I have always noticed signs for this place. I’ve never quite understood it or been able to convince Kevin that it is worth stopping for. Plus, the timing never really worked out. My curiousity has never been satiated….until late last night….

So, I was laying in bed trying to sleep because my schedule was all goofy because of the holidays and I was flipping through all 22 of our channels right? So I stop on PBS because I happen to like PBS (it is one of the channels that has ushered me through this difficult anti-cable time in my life) and I stumbled upon this show. So these old guys were travelling through Alabama, you know. Drinking sweet tea, seeing the sights, crusing I-65. But lo, where do they stop? A little town called Cullman, Alabama. And what, pray tell, is Cullman known for? YOU GUESSED IT! So I did actually get to see it, if only briefly and not in person. But still, it was fabulous.

In other news, I’ve decided to bring the “y’all” back to my vocabulary. But not in that trashy Britney way. Lord knows she’s done WONDERS for the southern stereotype.
For the record, I did not grow up on a farm, I do not consider myself “country”, I would NEVER chew bubble gum while giving an interview with Matt Lauer (or wear mesh shirts whilst 7 1/2 months preggo), or get horrible extensions, or any of that. For god sakes, people! Also, I never had a “coming out” party, I never attended a cotillion, I never seriously said “fiddle-dee-dee” and meant it. On the other hand, I did have big southern hair, I do like Lynrd Skynrd, and I love me some sweet tea. So what?


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