2008…Already a success!

Farewell 2007! Not that it wasn’t a great year or anything, but I was ready to bid it farewell. Were’nt you? Call it my “raging optimism” due to my obsession with chai (I only had one over the holidays…aren’t you impressed?) but I have a sinking suspicion that 2008 has wonderful things in store. For example, we already know that a certain brother of Kevin’s and his wife are expecting their 6th (yes, 6th) child this year. What could be better than a new baby to distract everyone at family parties so I can finally hold the youngest Hatgas for more than 15 minutes before passing him on? 😉 Speaking of baby news, the Two Loons are expecting their first baby in February. We are pretty excited for them because they will be awesome parents…and because we’ll have a baby on the east-side to play with! Secondly, Kevin and I have plans to purchase our first home before the summer! This means that we actually hope not to have to live in our apartment again this year. It’s been good to us, but much like the year 2007, it’s time to move on. Keep your fingers crossed and let us know if you find out about any good deals. I’d really like to host Thanksgiving at our place in November.

I could easily go on here about all the wonderful possibilities that the new year bring. I have to say it’s kind of refreshing to be so full of hope at the very tail end of a 15 day reprieve from work. The holiday was not without it’s challenges too, but it was also great to feel the sun on my face, see my dad chuckle at things only my dad would truly chuckle at, play “sisters” with Hannah, stay up with my sister finishing Christmas surprises, hug my mother a million times a day, eat gulf shrimp until my eyes crossed with delight, sip on sweet tea, snuggle my husband and laze in my PJ’s until noon reading in bed, the 4 of us east-side Hatgai.

My 2008 is full of promise and potential. So is the rest of this evening…it’s already 8 p.m. and if I play my cards right, all I’ll need to do is load the dishwasher before I change into my PJ’s and settle down into the freshly made bed (cause you have to start the new year with clean sheets) and see if I can finish The Golden Compass before Kevin does.


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