Sounds like someone’s got a bad case of the "Mondays"!

…and a wicked cold to boot! I called off today and headed to the doctor to find out that I do indeed have a cold. YAY! Atleast she gave me some direction of what to take. I’ve been home about an hour now and have had some lunch and I am waiting for everything to kick in. I’m feeling better…I think?

I checked my work email and things are happening without me which is good and it looks like we are within arms length of our holiday goal…now all we need to do is get there!

Anyhow, this message was in my inbox. The subject was “beautiful lily inference glutinous ombudsman”

horrendous tern
pyrometer tattler pyrometer al ombudsman askew pyrometer twin glom brandenburg infra
midland brandenburg gumbo
plumbago inference flyway crocodilian hospitable gumbo plumbago rockford roxbury bodyguard tern
glom glom workmanlike
askew mauritania glom tattler al
corsage gumbo hospitable corsage flyway greasy

Now if that isn’t a result of too much to drink and fun with the magnetic poetry, I don’t know what is!

Alright, off to bed to watch some back episodes of Felicity and rest up. I’ve got work to do, people!


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