Musings from the best damn place to live in the Midwest!

Ok, so I was being a little fecetious. Blame the work stress I have been experiencing.

Actually this morning started out just fine. Thanks to the fact that I haven’t been sleeping and am apparently exhausted, I conked out last night at about 8:30 and slept pretty much through the night (betwixt our new 450 TC sheets, I might add. COZY!!!) I saw some flurries early in the day as I headed to and fro but it wasn’t until it was time to head home that I realized and remembered how much winter weather just plain sucks. Not only was it pitch black (thank you DST) but it was raining AND hailing. Hard. And I didn’t have an umbrella (I blame you, Rhianna).

Despite the weather (and my own stress created crankiness), I really do think that good ol’ NEO (that’s North East Ohio for all you Ohio-nots out there) is an awesome place to live. There’s plenty of fun cultural things to do. Lots of great restaurants. We’re big enough that cool concerts come here. And let’s not forget our sports teams. Hey, even I’m impressed!

I just don’t like the onset of winter. I’ll take this snow over the real stuff any day….


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