I will never cease to be amused by the people in my life. Maria, one of my colleagues and my office neighbor almost died today because Bill O’Reilly decided that black people actually can be decent human beings. Really Bill?

In other news, the news is depressing me lately. If it’s not about Britney and her troubles, it’s about OJ and his troubles. If it’s not about OJ and his troubles, its about the election. I’m sorry to say that it got started too damn early and now it’s just not interesting any more. Maybe I’m just being cynical (as usual).

Autumn is upon us now, although it was 88 today in Cleveland. A big sign of fall for me is Hannah’s birthday. I can’t believe that little girl will be 4 on October 1st. Kevin and I will probably head over to Carlisle the following weekend for her official birthday party. It is always alot of fun and well worth the 5 hour drive.
Kim mentioned we might have an apple tasting while we are there because it is prime apple tasting season. To this I say “Huzzah!” I love apples…and apple tastings. Get ready folks..this could rival the great honey tasting of 2000.

Otherwise, things are good. Work continues to be busy and a slight source of stress if I’m at all honest. I’m working for the weekends right now…and the kids. I’m doing it for the kids, ladies and gents! Kevin is in the heat of travel season and his MBA. He’s also started coaching lacrosse, so we’ve really been trying to enjoy what little time we have together. Thank goodness for the cats or I’d be crazy lonely.

Speak of cats…my sister still has 3 kittens she is searching for good homes for. I’m afraid we’ll come back to Cleveland with a new addition to the family if we aren’t careful. One step closer to crazy cat people…

Sorry it’s not much of an update. Maybe I’ll find inspiration in tomorrow’s episode of ANTM…or not.


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