My Trip to the Tragic Kingdom

Greetings from sunny sweltering Orlando Florida!
That’s right folks, I’m in Disney World with two teams of high school students who competed in the National JA TITAN Competition here during the last few days. Not only did Rocky River and West Geauga secure 2nd and 3rd place overall (respectively) but we’ve had free reign at all of the Disney Parks, great meals, and basically no expenses. It has been a great three days.
I’ve also been pretty fortunate to have some great people to hang out with during my time here. One of the teachers and I made friends since we were both here by ourselves and it definitely beats hanging out in my hotel room. The first night, we were lucky enough to catch a Garth Brooks impersonator at Epcot. Last night, I had dinner with the West G crew at Downtown Disney. Dropping $45 bucks on a dinner for myself isn’t so bad when I’m not paying for it!! Then we hit the Virgin Megastore on Pleasure Island. All I need to say is $10 SALE.
After our victories this morning, I decided to accompany David on his quest to ride Space Mountain. It was scary! We also rode Pirates of the Carribean and Thunder Mountain. I’m kinda pooped.

Tonight, I think I’ll chill out by the pool for a bit, maybe take in the fireworks over Cinderella’s Castle and call it a night. I’ll have a chance to sleep in tomorrow morning, pack, and purchase last minute souvenirs before I head back to the airport on Disney’s Magical Express with the Rocky River team. If you’re looking for me back in Cleveland, I’ll be the one with the curly hair, dimples, and the Mickey Mouse Ears! : )


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