Another trip around the sun…

Yep, today’s my birthday. Problem is that it doesn’t seem much like my birthday. After a sleepless night, I woke up feeling nauseated by all the stress in my life. For those of you unaware, work has been rather hell-esque lately. Maybe it’s because it’s the end of the year and we are just shy of our goals or maybe it’s because we are all working our asses off to take one step forward and end up taking two steps back. Where is MC Scat Cat when you need him??? At any rate, life has been really hectic so the fact that my birthday is here is just a reminder that I’m too busy to pay attention to things that I should be celebrating. It’s like me and lunch. I know I should eat it. I know my body needs fuel and is hungry (because most days I skip breakfast). But there is just no time!

It feels like months ago (and it has only been days) since Kevin and I were in Carlisle taking a paddle on the Conodoguinet with Todd in his pieced together kayak, and Kim, Hannah, and Mom doing it Lewis and Clark style (with Hannah playing a very fair skinned, small and sometimes whiney Sacagawea). Kevin and I also got to stay at Still Waters because Sanford and Lois were in Chicago. See, I knew Still Waters before it was a home and I’ve spent many a night there since Kim moved to Carlisle in 1998. I’ve been kayaking on that river long before I knew Kevin. Long before Hannah was born. Kim and the Carlisle bunch are awesome because I’ve never felt out of place or uneasy visiting. It really is like my second (or third or fourth) home.

So tomorrow is Friday, TGIF! I have a class in the morning at Fairfax and then I’m off to Buhrer for a Blitz Day. Then, Kevin and I will celebrate my birthday. I’m excited about that!!

I should go, but felt I needed to make a post since I’m 28 and all. Of course, I’ll read this next year and think “WTF Kelly???”

I’m off to get into jammies…Anyone want to watch Felicity with me??


One thought on “Another trip around the sun…

  1. Did anyone get you new shoe leather for your birthday? I would find it a horrible travesty if that were not the case. Now lets go get some birthday coffee…I now of a great place where we can be served by a nice man named Javier. Inside jokes are fun. <>Take that<> everyone else who is reading this and has no idea what I am talking about…

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