I admit it

…I’m a serial blog reader. I love getting engrossed in other people’s life stories, perspectives, and just plain ol’ goings on. As a result of this addiction, I get very fed up when people refrain from updating their blogs regularly. I realize this is quite hypocritical of me because anyone who knows me knows that I hardly update my blog at all. I’d like to blame Kevin for this because he is frequently on the computer in the evenings. Maybe he is partially to blame. Mostly though, it is the fact that I sit at a computer all day and have little or no desire to sit down and blog after a long day of work.

Today is Good Friday. Good things about Good Friday are as follows:
1. I did not have to work.
2. I was in bed until 9:30…ON A WORK DAY.
3. I bought some cute new clothes.
4. Dinner was good.
5. Looking forward to a good movie with Hubby Hubby tonight. Thank you NETFLIX!

Bad things about Good Friday (a paradox!):
1. I did not sleep so well so I was up for much of the early portion of Good Friday.
2. I was exhausted most of the day.
3. The stress of the week has caused my stomach to constantly hurt on and off today thus creating a very difficult situation in which I am uncomfortable most of the time. I love IBS.
4. I am not going to my sister’s as I have in years in past thus I am going to miss yet another Easter with Hannah.
5. Did I mention it has been snowing ever since yesterday? Did I also mention that it was literally 80 degrees three days ago??

As the french would say “lé sigh”.


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