Is it spring yet?

In some parts of the world, spring has officially sprung. Take this picture, for example. My dad emailed me these amazing shots he took this weekend of the azalea bushes lining the right side of his driveway. This is the time of year when Mobile is literally covered in azaleas. Any bush in any yard is covered with bright pink and purple blossoms. It’s amazing.

Here in Cleveland, we are in the brink. We’ve had lots of rain and a few warm days in a row. I actually wore short sleeves on Sunday and still broke (a small) sweat! Crocuses are up now but the rest is yet to come. I can’t wait for the trees to start blooming. Good thing I just renewed my allergy meds!

We had a pretty great weekend and I have to say we both deserved it. It’s hard when you are as conscientious as Kevin and I to actually leave work at work and enjoy time together but I can honestly say I didn’t think about work much at all and I slept like a rock.

The height of the weekend was getting to see the Doctor, who returned from Malawi on Sunday. It was fun to see her and hear her crazy Malawi stories. She also said that she brought us back a Malawian baby alá Madonna which is great because we totally forgot to pick one up when we were at Target this weekend. Don’t you hate it when you forget the shopping list??? But in all sincerity, it’s great to have her back and she even brought the sunshine back with her. What gift could be better than that?


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