Nissan Versa and Other Tales

So, last you know of me is that I’ve been having one hell of a time keeping my spirits up. Last week was definitely more of a mixed bag.

Feeling the stress of work and home life, I kicked it into high gear. Meetings ran rampant all week. I had time planned out to the minute at work. So Wednesday rolls around and I am headed back to the office for more work and meeting preparation when lo and behold, a 98 Chevy Tahoe comes trucking through the intersection. Much honking and slamming on the brakes ensues. Then, the disgusting and all too familiar crunch of plastic and metal. I’m told after $3,200 in repairs and a $500 deductible, my car should be back in 100% shape.

So that is how I came to drive the Versa. It is even bright blue, just like in the hit NBC series “Heroes”. Kevin doesn’t make such a good Ando and truthfully, I’m too white and girly to be a tenacious Japanese paper salesman who thinks he can save the world. All I want is a vacation!

In other news, Kevin and I are getting DSL this week. LOOK OUT! I’ll be a blogging fool…If I will ever be able to wrestle Kevin away for 5 minutes on the computer. My best guess is that we will be downloading fools. I will also get to watch all the funny web videos that I never get to fully enjoy because I don’t have speakers on my computer at work and it takes a bagillion years to load a video on our dial-up connection.

We also recently watched The Departed this weekend…and I know why it won Best Picture. It rocked. And I love Boston accents. And Matt Damon. And Leonardo DiCaprio (now that he looks, as Wendy put it “less like a girl”). And Dropkick Murphys.

Hannah told me she brought a spider home from school today. I don’t think it was a real spider because she doesn’t go to the kind of school that sends real spiders home with their 3 year old students. It did not have googly eyes, but it had 8 long hairy legs and long sharp teeth and it was a girl spider but she did not know her name. She also told me she had a milk mustache. Why can’t all my conversations be that fun???


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