Sounds like someone has a bad case of the Mondays…

…and that would be me! My question for the reading audience is this: why is it that I awake rather regularly in a sweat worried about all of the tasks that need to be completed at work and stay awake for quite a bit thinking about them and trying hard NOT to think about them so I can actually go back to sleep yet when I am actually at work, I lack the motivation to actually get it all done??

At any rate, it’s been a long year so far. Days are whizzing by… Kevin is taking two classes and before I got so overwhelmed with life and work, I was actually thinking about getting myself set up so I could take classes in the summer. Now, if Kevin and I start searching for houses and end up moving, my spring could be easily consumed (as if it’s not already).

Still, life goes on.

I try to make a point to never post from work (there’s something inherently wrong with that) but I figured if I didn’t do it today, I wouldn’t do it at all. Let’s face it folks…I have the winter blues. I’m busy yet not motivated, energized but exhausted, tired yet restless. I’m over AND underwhelmed.

Somebody get me a drink and one of those UV lamps…STAT!


3 thoughts on “Sounds like someone has a bad case of the Mondays…

  1. Kelly! This is Lettie – I just thought that perhaps I never told you that I read your blog! I enjoy it. You are the same as you have always been and I am glad. Do you still have Avery the cat?I hope you are doing well. Perhaps your house is covered in snow! It was 70 degrees here today.I love you KP!Lettie

  2. Hi Lettie! Sadly, Avery died last year…on my birthday nonetheless. The black kitty on my blog is Sophie and the striped kitty on Kevin’s blog (which is linked through mine) is Gibson. You should check Kevin’s blog for pictures from our last big snowstorm. It was crazy!!! Hope all is well with the newest Duke!Love,Kelly

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