So this is christmas…

So for those of you who read my husband’s blog, you are undoubtedly thinking “Why does she torture him so by making him go all the way to Alabama for such a ‘bizzaro’ time every year?”

Let me just tell you this is my one chance every year to go home. And it is my favorite time of year. Not only did I spend lots of time shopping, baking, and making sure things were just right before we left for the annual pilgrimage but I also spent a fair amount of time preparing for the pr-emptive Christmas at the Hatgas HQ. I will make the following comments in defense of my yearly traditions (and more importantly this year’s happenings).

1) Kevin and I both arrived in Mobile ill (usually this happens).
2) Subsequently, Hannah had a Christmas fever, Mom got a sore throat and other things, I had a two day long tummy ache, and Kevin has still not yet recovered from whatever it is that ails him.
3)Yes, we take breaks during Christmas. This is a hold over from year’s past with my grandparents. Also, since we open gifts one at a time (and Christmas is a generous time of year) it is a way to savor the morning and our bounty of gifts. It is also a way to ensure we have a nice breakfast together.
4) Although we have tried for the past few years to have a modest giving season, we always seem to make out like bandits in the end. Kudos to the gift buyers!!
5) It is hard to coordinate several different personalities on a daily basis as is…I think we all deserve gold stars for not killing each other in the end.

In all seriousness, I love being home. The tastes and smells and sights are all familiar to me. Adding someone new to the mix is great and this is Kevin’s third trip down, but even now it is challenging to integrate him because I often feel as though I have to compensate or apologize when in reality I should probaby be saying “Yeh, so?” I shouldn’t have to thank him for coming with me. He’s my husband–it’s his job. My family goes out of my way to make sure my every whim (and everyone elses every whim) is met. It can be exhausting at times, yes. But when I only get to do it once a year, I take pleasure in the good times as well as the aggrivating times. That’s what family is about.

It has been great to sleep in, eat well, rest, play with Hannah (whilst realizing I should not yet be a parent–the 3 year old whines are more than I can handle–my sister and brother-in-law are great parents!!) I have fed the ducks twice, spent some time on the swings, at Dad’s watching movies, and plenty of time reading cookbooks. We even caught a brilliant sunset or two…and while we might have been too late to capture photos of the bright orange sun dissolving into Mobile Bay, we still caught it. I even made a stop at Carpe Diem today for a large glass of sweet mint iced tea. I can’t believe tomorrow we fly back and only have two more days before the real world comes seeping back in.


2 thoughts on “So this is christmas…

  1. Hold on a second here. Did I say that anything was bad? Nope. But somehow I have been vilified in your post and I can’t say that I am thrilled about it. Booooooo to you! 😦

  2. All victimization and villification aside–it is easy to misunderstand any written (and personal) statement in a blog, online post, or otherwise. I agree that I was reactive, but I was reactive to your post about “Bizzaro Christmas” which I took to mean you thought it was “bizzare”, not picking up on the comic book reference, of course…

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