You know your day doesn’t start out right when….

1. You dream that you are about 60 lbs. heavier than what you actually are in non-REM state and the dream you can’t figure out how you gained so much weight without being aware of it.
2. You are wide awake at quarter after six (after above heinous dream) which isn’t normally a bad thing but it’s Saturday. A Saturday where you are uncommitted for another 5 hours.
3. One of the first things you do when you wake up (even before the ever-satisfying morning pee) is check to see which cat is in the litter box (additional explanation to follow)
4. When you arrive at above mentioned Saturday morning commitment, you are able to pull not one, but two ziploc baggies of poop from your purse when asked “Did you bring a stool sample?” (Explanation–Sophie and Gibson took a trip to the doctor today.)
4. The receptionist at the vet says “Do they share a litter box? If they share a litter box, we only need one sample.” Thus negating the stalking that you did all morning so that you would be able to identify which baggie of poop went with which cat… If only I had known sooner.

Saturday went by fast and I am sleepy. This week kicked my ass a little bit and I’m doing everything in my power to stop the stress before I go into hysterics. It’s just that time of year when the days are moving faster than I am able to get tasks completed. This is true at home as well and thus my frustration is great. With the holidays looming on the horizon, I am somewhere between complete oblivion (sweet oblivion!) and complete insanity. How can it possibly be November?

In other news, the days are shorter and I’m still not used to it just yet. There is something really unsettling about getting home from a long hard day and it being dark out. It is also getting cold…sometimes. I’ve decided that Cleveland weather is alot like John Kerry these days. “I will never apologize!” and “Oh yeah, of course I’m sorry about that!” sound alot like “Monday’s high will be 65 degrees and sunny skies. Tuesday, expect 2-4 inches of snow in some areas with a high of 24 degrees” if you ask me. Not that I’m talking politics here…. I’m not that kind of girl.

Anyhow, I just thought I’d throw a new update out there. I landed the beta version of blogger so I made some changes. Enjoy and lemme know what you think!


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