Sunday Marinara and other updates

So, it’s been a long time. I realized just recently that my last post would make little and/or no sense to anyone who was not in my head at the time. Looking back, I should have given more detail such as “Kevin and I just watched the film “Elizabeth” starring one of my favorite actresses, Cate Blanchette. The story was amazing….” and so on and so forth. Such is the beauty of retrospect.

At any rate, for those of you in doubt, I do still exist. Work has been very taxing…mentally, physically, emotionally, etc. With the first part of the school year being our busiest and most stressful time, I have been consumed. I actually just returned on Friday from a 3 day stint in Moline, IL (otherwise known as the Quad Cities) for one of our Regional Learning Conferences. It was very informative and a great opportunity to be at the table with other offices throughout the mid-west region. But it was alot of power-point, alot of being “on” and not alot of private time, which I desperately need from time to time.

Kevin and I went out with the Mulder’s on Friday night and celebrated the end of the week with margaritas and some fair Mexican cuisine. We also played Euchre, which despite being told the rules of the game time and time again, I can never seem to remember. I think that I store the rules to that game in the same section of the brain that empties out first when I get other information. Somehow, it always gets cut first. But no one seemed to mind too much (or I had too many margaritas to care, you tell me).

Saturday was spent recovering from the margaritas, my days away, etc. It was a NASTY day in Cleveland. It was raining and hailing intermittently with gusts of wind up to 50 mph! YUCK.
Kevin enjoyed the Michigan/Northwestern game up in Ann Arbor and then joined me at Kara and Sean’s for some pumpkin carving. I must say, for not using a stencil, mine was the very best! And it had ears! It was awesome.

This morning, Kevin made me pecan waffles (one of my very favorites). This afternoon, whilst chatting with my mother about politics and the state of the world, I made marinara from scratch. Exciting! Kevin and I will be eating calzones and it will be perfect for dipping. It will also be perfect for pasta later this week. I’m always thinking.

Kevin and I have also finalized our holiday plans–atleast for Christmas which is my most exciting. We will be flying down to ‘Bama this year rather than driving (thank god) and the best part is that Kim, Todd, and Hannah will be meeting up with us in Atlanta for the final leg of the trip. So even if we get stuck with a delay in Atlanta, which we probably will, we’ll hopefully be stuck with them and since they are a HUGE part of what makes Christmas for me, it will be great! We’ll be spending a week in ‘Bama and it should be great because we’ll have several days after the holiday, so things will (maybe) be more low-key. Maybe I’ll even get to see some old familiar faces…

In the coming weeks, I hope to accomplish a great deal of stuff at work, start some Christmas projects (I’m making presents this year), get back into a healthy routine, and just try to stay happy with the days getting shorter and the weather getting colder and more dreary. Let’s see how it goes!


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