I’m mourning

…the weekend. There is nothing sadder than Sunday evenings. Don’t get me wrong. Our weekend was pretty good considering I was still technically recovering from the flu and stuff. It’s just that I felt like I needed more time. Friday night was my first official night back on track after the flu (right on track–I fell asleep at 9:30!!). Saturday, Kevin went off to be handy with Steve and I was left to my own devices. Which involved playing on the internet, becoming a full fledged “Zoo Tycoon” and freaking out about how obnoxiously messy our apartment has grown and how neither of us have the boys to care. Luckily, Saturday night was much better as we went out to El Rodeo with Joel and Sarah and then we played Euchre. I know how to spell it, but I can’t play it too well (sorry Sarah). Today we cleaned and cleaned and rearranged which actually felt good. If we could only stand to do it more often.

Now it’s 9 p.m. on a Sunday. I have a HORRID week of work ahead of me before we take off for a long weekend in Carlisle, PA to visit my sister. My mom is flying up for the weekend since we missed Easter due to the dreaded rotavirus. According to Hannah, we get to sleep in her bed! I asked her what we would do when we came to visit her and slept in her bed and her response was “well, we have to wake up and play!” What a kid. This trip, albeit 10 hours or so in a car to and from Carlisle, may just be what gets me through my week.

Sadly, I think it’s time to start pulling my self together for tomorrow. I should seriously take up meditation or something. Sometimes, I think I’ll never be able to relax. Any suggestions?


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