Avian Flu?

Ok, maybe it’s not AVIAN flu, but I definitely got something and man does it stink! I know what you were thinking “But Kelly, it’s only been since January that you were deathly ill!!” I’m afraid my every 5 month trend is taking hold once again. This is my 3rd (and final) day down and out with this dern flu. Truth be told, I feel fine today except for the cabin fever/malnourishment headache. But rather than run to work and push myself whilst infecting all my co-workers (whom I happen to like), I decided to play it safe and take an extra day to regain some fashion of normality. I’ve also been catching up on my Felicity re-runs…which makes me nostalgic for college though I’m not totally convinced I’d want to be there again if I had the chance.
Anyhow, this girl is on the mend. Keep your fingers crossed for me and so help me god if I see any sick people this weekend…I might just run the other way.


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