So get this!

I’ve been feeling rather self-reflective recently. Maybe it has something to do with the fact the world got small again recently and I realized I’m not doing anything that anyone thought that I’d be doing. Or maybe I’m doing just what people thought that I’d be doing and it’s a comfort? I don’t know. “Dodge”, one of my co-stars from the 1998 production of Buried Child surfaced as a volunteer teaching Junior Achievement! We caught up briefly at a happy hour after an afternoon at a school. He asked if I was still acting. I shook my head. By my calculations, it has been atleast 6 years since I was actually starring in a play. This guy is an accountant. Is he still acting? Hell yes. And producing small films too. I feel mildly, creatively, unaccomplished. I haven’t even written one drop (besides the bloggeroo) since GB’s class my senior year. I had so much talent! My poems were “Pungent” and “fully realized”.

In other news, the dad seems to be doing well despite being recently diagnosed with Type II Diabetes and being told that it’s only a matter of time until the cancer returns and he has to undergo wicked and undesirable treatments.

Kevin and I have been having a particularly good time being married lately! It’s great when the beautiful weather and the verdant springing outside makes it impossible for either of us to be in a bad mood–even when it seems like the last few months have been utter hell at work for both of us.

Yesterday, we spent time with the nieces which was just getting us geared up for our big babysitting weekend when Chris and Kim go to Deano’s wedding. I love the nieces. Anna thinks that everything is funny and Julia just likes to play catch and smile! It is good times when we are with them…even though they make me homesick for Hannah.

Sophie is sitting on Kevin’s bass amp. I didn’t see her in the room at first, because she blended in so well….but I heard her nose whistling so I knew it was her. I love that she likes to be in a quiet place, wherever I am. She’s my girl…and Kevin’s only chance at a black child!

Mkay, dinner is ready. Can you believe Kevin made homemade mac & cheese??? YUMMMY!


One thought on “So get this!

  1. You are a great actor….you pretend to be happily married to a Melvin! Your nieces sound wonderful, they must have a great father to make them that way!

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