Welcome to 2006

Where exactly did 2005 run off to? Does anyone know? Did you happen to see it as it fled out the door literally seconds before the clock struck twelve on Saturday night?

It has been quite a year. Such a year. A big year. A monumental year.
Lots of things happened in 2005. Somebody que the music…it’s time for a montage…..

Last January, I was still reeling from my first christmas holiday spent with Kevin. There was much wedding planning to do. In fact, most of the wedding planning was left to do! My housemates and I were preparing to go their separate ways in June, I was preparing to make a home with my future husband whilst trying to make ends meet with the still new position I had only taken the September before. Things were really new and really exciting in 2005. Including the birth of our new twin nephews, Liam and Michael Hatgas in March.
Kevin and I went on our first vacation together (which also happened to be our honeymoon) in Chicago. We had our first big fights as married people. We toiled (and are still toiling, mind you)weekend after weekend on what our living room needed to make things more homey–first a rug, then some lamps, a new TV set, and finally some pictures to go on the walls. Our place still isn’t there yet, but it’s getting better all the time. There have been many challenges for us a couple, mostly involving learning to be with each other all the time and be there for each other all the time, even when we’ve both had the rottenest of days. Patience is something I think we are still grappling with. All the normal stuff…
2005 was also the year of Katrina, and it hit my Gulf Coast homeland pretty hard. Luckily, my parents house fared better than with Ivan and my dad was able to weather the storm alone, yet again. But there’s still lots of devastation even though Anderson Cooper, Matt Lauer, and Oprah have all moved on. This year also brought a year of medical fun with Mom’s total knee replacement which happened shortly after Katrina. Christmas 2005 was a difficult one. However, we managed to hold together. We were missing the Starr half of the family and Kevin and I drove about 16 hours in a single day just to make it down to Alabama for the warm holiday. We arrived, only to be sick most of the trip (and subsequently into the new year). But it was a really fun christmas all the same and by this time next year, I won’t have remembered one bad thing about it.
I guess what all this babble is meant to prove is that just because I can’t write 2005 on any of my checks any more, doesn’t mean that it’s over. The blessings and hardships alike will continue. My marriage will continue to excite and challenge me day after day. My job will continue to help me to grow in ways I hadn’t thought of. Wounds will heal, kids will grow.
See what I’m saying? Theres an ebb and flow to everything in life and I suspect that 2006 will not be an exception. I guess what I hope is that there will be greater great times and lesser less times. And that I have the sense to rejoice in the major triumphs as well as the smaller day-to-day feats and accomplishments and only wallow when there’s no other option (isn’t there always an option?)

Happy New Year, everyone!


2 thoughts on “Welcome to 2006

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