Dear Kim…

My sister recently asked me why I have a blog. For someone like my sister, this blog-world can seem very weird. Why would you want to write your thoughts and publish them on the internet? Isn’t basic human interaction more important? How do you know who else is reading it? What happened to the old fashioned paper and pencil method of journaling?
This week I’ve been doing alot of thinking about that very question. Why do I have a blog? Is it because I have a huge following of devoted readers out there in cyberspace who cling to every word? I think we all know that’s a non-truth. Do I enjoy the subtle voyeristic charm? Maybe. I think I blog for the same reason that people write books or poems or songs. I’m not talking about the Danielle Steele’s and the Britney’s of the world. Heck, even the Jewel’s. I don’t write because I want to make money or because I want people to think I’m cool or deep or whatever (Let’s face it, I pretty much know I’m not that cool or deep). I write because I like to. Wasn’t it Emily Brontë who wrote about the green snake in the green grass? Maybe she really did wake up that morning and think to herself “There’s a green snake in the grass! I bet everyone will think I’m brilliant if I write about it! I’ll be famous for centuries after my death!” Somehow, I doubt it. Writing is about being in the moment. Taking that moment to really feel. There’s something really soothing about putting words together and seeing how they make sense and knowing that it’s because of ME that they make sense. And I like making sense of things in my life and seeing that happen infront of me. Writing for me is what a good workout is to others. It gets my heart racing, my endorphins pumping. I feel alive. I feel real. I feel more like myself than I do walking down the street.
So Kim, I hope that answers your question.


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