Blowing my mind…

Just when I thought life couldn’t get any weirder or out of sorts…
Last week was a week just shy of completely and utterly devastating. Work was hard. That’s nothing new. Infact, work has been hard for quite some time. I think what made last week particularly hard is that I learned things about myself, my work habits, and my behavior which I don’t particularly enjoy. My favorite was when I realized that I should have asked for some kind of guidance or help loooooong before I got myself buried so badly that I needed to get a “talking to” by my boss. It was a good talking to, and it cleared the air a bit, helped me realize I need help, and all that stuff. I guess it’s just hard to realize that there are things about myself that I really need to work on. I also grew up a little bit last week as a result and it kind of freaked me out.

Kevin came home this weekend and was here just long enough to eat a home cooked meal, do some laundry, play with the children and be off again. He tells me he’ll be back on Friday for the weekend (Indians game on Friday night, Go TRIBE!) and then will be off again on Monday for another few days. The following weekend is Hannah Caden Alwine’s 2nd birthday bash so I will be driving solo to Carlisle while Kevin stays behind to work. I’m pretty sure he starts travelling again after I return. Now I know what Penelope felt like when Odysseus was off trapped on the isle of Calypso…

The newest Hatgas seems to be doing better. He is on antibiotics which I have to give to him twice a day. It is doing wonders for our relationship. He seems to be less snorty, but he is not eating much and doesn’t appear to have pooped since Thursday of last week. Big sis Sophie doesn’t seem to mind him so much since she seems to no longer hiss in his presence. We are just waiting until the drugs have improved him a little bit more before we make the full in-person introductions sans barriers.

Finally, the alumni magazine brought some crazy news. Not only was I reminded that my reunion year is 2006 (oh god) but I discovered something completely unexpected. My dear friend and former post-grad roommate, Ryan O’Connor is married to none other than Jaime McKay. I think the shock came mainly because I’d heard absolutely nothing about or from him in years. The last thing I expected was to hear that he was married to Jaime and now the father to her 9 month old son (his son? I don’t even know!) Needless to say, I’m thrilled and hope they are both doing well and have great luck in whatever they do. Maybe we’ll see them in Cleveland some time since rumor has it they are planning on moving back….

I played hooky from work today because my allergies were getting me down with the weather and my throat and head were sore all day. It was a complete day of rest since I did absolutely nothing, but I really do think it will help me get through the rest of the week. Sometimes, you just need days like that.

Until something else tickles my fancy, I bid you a happy week!


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