The Newest Hatgas

This weekend, there was a new addition to the Hatgas family.
No, Joe and Colleen didn’t have another baby (despite recent dreams that fortold otherwise).
I’m afraid this new addition had very much to do with Kevin and I, and no one much else…

Right now, we are calling him Gibson.

Yesterday afternoon, on a rather fall-like day in Cleveland, Kevin and I visited the Cleveland APL on Willey Avenue. Not only are they in a new building, but they are also bursting at the seams with all kinds of animals looking for a good home. We found Gibson in one of the playrooms where they had several cats housed. I love those kinds of rooms b/c you get to see who is a social animal and who isn’t, who might be too agressive (ala Avery), and how everyone relates to each other. Gibson wasn’t the first to come up to me in that room with 9 other cats. Infact, he was fast asleep and intended to stay that way. With a pinch of coaxing (and probably less than that), he was in my lap and purring away. At about 8 months, he’s old enough to be out of the sort of mischief that wee-kittens frequently get into, but he’s also still young enough that we can work on any bad habits he may have. To be honest with you, he hasn’t exhibited any yet. This kitten has a heart of gold. We have been keeping him in our second bedroom/computer room in the interest of introducing Sophie to Gibson gradually. Mostly he sleeps–I think this may be mainly due to a cold he may have picked up at the APL and the fact that he’s a little too thin and the eye that’s been bothering him (he’s a little worse for the wear right now. There is definitely a vet visit in his future). Sophie is none to happy about Gibson’s arrival, but I think she will adjust. We’ve made some baby steps just today: First off, I placed Gibson in his carrier in the living room so he would be safe from Sophie if she decided to awol on him. She caught me coming out of the computer room with him and she hissed very loudly. I left the door to the office open thinking that she could get used to some of his smells, etc. She was pretty freaked and still is. Hissing and growling are common themes. She even pawed directly at him in the carrier which made me laugh because he doesn’t respond to any of that. But she’s fine when he’s not around (ignorance is bliss right?). Their personalities are so different–Gibson so laid back, Sophie so…..well….you know. It will definitely be an interesting week!

Gulliver is in Pittsburgh and Tampa this week, so I’m manning the fort alone. It stinks b/c this is the longest I will have been without him since we’ve been married. I’m going to miss him. I know it sounds pathetic, but it’s true. There’s plenty to do without him, but it’s just kind of a lonely time. Even if we aren’t doing anything together, it is nice to know that he is just in the other room…

Well, that’s all I’ve got for now. I think there’s a kitten around here that needs some tlc…and you know how I am about kittens.


3 thoughts on “The Newest Hatgas

  1. Why are you making my brother get another cat? One is too many already! I am going to start calling Kevin the cat lady! Does he still leave empty ice cream bowls and little debbie wrappers hidden throughtout the apartment? Anyway have a nice week!

  2. Is he actually blaming me for getting the cat that he wanted but then left town for two straight weeks so I had to take care of it while working a full time job and cleaning up all his little debbie wrappers and ice cream bowls???????teehee!

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