New things

I’ve gotten alot of new things in the past few months–new furniture, new dishes, new kitchen appliances, new towels, new sheets, a new bed, a new TV. Two of the things I’ve gotten recently, though, have been first time experiences–I have a husband and a new last name! Yikes! Things have been going really well, though. So well that I have not had a chance to blog myself, which I am sorry for. Partially it is because married life is so glamorous that I just don’t have the time to worry myself which such trivial things….JUST KIDDING. It actually has alot to do with the fact that 1) When I come home, there is someone there to talk to about my day/feelings/problems/reactions to everday life/etc (that rules, by the way) 2) As I pointed out to Kevin just yesterday, there have been a handful of evenings since our day of wedded bliss where I arrive home to find him on the computer playing games. Usually, there is a break for dinner and post dinner clean up, and then he resumes playing until god knows when (I am usually asleep in bed when this happens). I know that this is not because I am boring, but because he really likes to play computer games. I also know that he plays computer games b/c I am watching TV and I am frustrating to watch TV with. I am frustrating to watch TV with b/c Kevin is usually playing computer games, there is nothing on, and I am bored. See where the problem lies???? Just one of the many things I am learning as a wife and roommate.
I do have to tell you though, it’s great. He is much more motivated than I am about doing things around the apartment and it’s nice to know atleast one of us has an insane sense of ownership.
I do think that part of this is due to the fact that until today, he has been arriving home a good hour and a half before me which gives him alot of time to get motivated, or to veg out and then be motivated when I get home. I have a feeling as the colder months approach, this will not be the case…but we’re not there yet.
I certainly didn’t mean for my first post after months and months to be this bland and boring, but it’s a post isn’t it??
More later as I try to be better at this whole thing…


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