So much depends…

I was reminded this weekend of the poem “The Red Wheelbarrow” by William Carlos Williams as Kevin and I were decending upon the wholesale store to search for an area rug that we could both live with in our new apartment. After that, we went to a jeweler to look at wedding bands, and after that to the mall to pick out the tuxedo he would wear on our wedding day. All in all, a productive afternoon. We even managed to see “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”. When we emerged from the darkened halls of the theater, we sent each other into a fit of giggles as we tried to make it to the car without bumping into something because our eyes were so sensitive to the light. I’ll likely remember that moment for a long while–feeling the surprise of sunlight, guarding my face against it, staggering a little, knowing that he was right there with me, surprised and guarded too. Yet somehow, he offered his warm hand, and managed to lead me the short distance to the car. A totally simple moment.
The evening came and brought with it a family party to celebrate Jeff and Jon’s recent 15th birthday. I felt very apprehensive at the thought of a family party. Lots of people+small house=not my idea of fun. But then Joe and Colleen arrived with Matthew, Joseph, and the twins. I finally got to meet little Michael and I hadn’t seen Liam since he came home from the hospital. And then Aunt Marilyn, Uncle Dick, Margie, Rick, and Clayton showed up followed by “Aunt ” Diane and “Uncle” Ray. Then Chris arrived with Anna and Julia and Kim snuck in later when I finally handed off little Liam and went in search of chips and dip. Anna and I had a good game of taking-the-coasters-out-of-the-box-and-putting-them-back-in for a while. And of course, there were tons of questions about the upcoming wedding which I was fully prepared to answer. And Anna sat on my lap while we ate cake and Chris told her to tell me I was gorgeous and, after ignoring me all night, Joseph gained some momentum and waddled towards me, tackling me and laughing. And Matthew juggled!
When I have nights like this, it is common for me to grow a little homesick. But I didn’t think about missing Mom, Mark, Dad, Kim, Todd, Hannah, Jessica, Dee, Nathan, Cary, and Lake until this very moment. Because I had a great time last night with Kevin’s family. My family.


One thought on “So much depends…

  1. Awww…Two Becoming One. They never tell you that you’re actually becoming one with a whole family and not just a life partner. And God Bless You for enjoying the ascent so v. much!Smiles from Lauren’s pal Wee Kendra

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