I don’t understand…

I don’t quite understand how the first day of a new year can be that much different than the day that came before it. Every year, millions of people wake up on January 1st and think “Today is a different day. Today, I am going to do something great. This year, I will devote my life to doing all the things that I didn’t push myself to do last year.” This may involve several varied things like working to be more polite, less judgemental, more physically fit. It may also involve tackling life-long fears or taking big risks. Travelling more, eating better. Throwing out old jeans and habits. I guess my question is this: Shouldn’t EVERY day be treated like a clean slate and a fresh start? If I wake up on March 3rd (my mom’s birthday coincidentally), take a look in proverbial mirror, and see something I don’t quite like, isn’t it my responsibility to do something about it then, rather than saying to myself “In just a few more months, I can really start to work on that!” So I guess if I had to make ONE “resolution” to myself, it would be the same resolution I’ve had since I was born–to own up to my mistakes and my faults. To take responsibility for my own happiness. We were brought to this life knowing that there is only so much other people can bring to the pot luck dinner of life. After all, they are only there because you invited them.

So here I am, embarking on another year of life (though I won’t have a birthday for another 5 months) and I’m happy. I have a life full of challenges and people who constantly surprise me. No, nothing is perfect but that’s part of the allure and the mystery. It’s a strange thing, this life. But it’s mine.

Happy New Year, everyone!

Kev and me on the night we were engaged. About 6 months from now, we’ll be married…Posted by Hello


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