Has it really been that long since my last blog? Apparently it has…

Where does the time go?

It is a fall evening here and I’m feeling…restless. Totally content. Next to exhausted, but so full of creative energy. Frustrated because I need an outlet for that energy.

There is something about this time of year, this cool-crisp time, that ignites a passion within me that reminds me of trying to catch fireflies in the fading twilight. You can only spot it when it blinks, and when you open your cupped hands to see it, nothing’s there.

Disappointed, you look up only to see it teasing you further out into the growing dark.

There’s a sadness that comes with this, too. It falls just as easily as the sun and lifts just the same. Mourning the long days of summer? The end of the summer fruit season and balmy nights on the porch, engorged from the big salad? Maybe I am. More so, I seem to be celebrating the changing of the seasonal guard by cataloging in my mind all of the changes that have led me to the very soil on which I now stand.

Yes, that’s alot to do.

Overwhelmed? Completely.

But for me, it’s just one of those things to do this time of year.

Buying school supplies though I haven’t been in the classroom for years.

Wearing sweaters with summer sandals.

It’s the delicate balance between anticipation of change and the fear of letting go.

And I’m here, trying to sort it all out.

Hoping that my thoughts of what happened yesterday don’t mean I’m not ready for what tomorrow brings.

Cloaked in reverie and bedsheets while listening to the silence of an oncoming storm.


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  1. Kelly,

    I enjoyed reading your thoughts so much! How wonderful that you can put those feelings into words in such a way that I almost cried while I read it – not because your thoughts were sad, they weren’t, but because everytime I read your words I am reminded of why I love you so much!
    My little one is biting my feet (and she has some sharp teeth). Perhaps this is her way of getting my attention, ya think? 🙂
    Are we really so far away from each other? Has is really been years since we have talked? Surely not.

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