Merry Christmas to everyone!!

It is about 7:30pm and the day definitely ended up putting me in the spirit of the season. Hannah was dressed up in her red velour santa suit and it was a ton of fun watching her sleep, eat, spit up, etc., all while singing “Hannah Claus is coming to Town”

We had a fantastic gift exchange, proving to me that it is always way better to give than to receive. One of my favorite gifts was the Nigella Lawson cookbook “How to be a Domestic Goddess” which I know the girls will enjoy when I get back to Cleveland. Kevin and I were also given the gift of education for some children in Vietnam by my sister and brother in law.

Dinner was exactly as I had wished it would be too–Roast Beef, roasted red potatoes, stuff squash, and yorkshire pudding. YUMMY! I am going to need a ton of time on the bikes at the Heights Rec Center when I get back just to get myself back into my getting-fit self!

Now, we are all sitting in the living room, a fire going (yes, it was thirty degrees last night), and pleasantly conversing while we wait for my Daddy to arrive for a desert of steamed plum pudding with hard sauce.

So now I will go, and leave everyone to your families. Please treasure the day and enjoy the company you keep. We are all rich with the gifts of the season and the love of our family and friends.

Good Night!!!


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