I figured since I hadn’t posted in so long, I’d really throw everyone for a loop and blog from BAMA itself!!!! Yes, Yes, I’m finally home. My niece is sleeping soundly on the floor beside me, while my mom, sister, step-dad and my brother-in-law watch a movie I just can’t get into.

I have to say that flying into Mobile was WEIRD. Ok, so flying in wasn’t weird…it was driving through Mobile on our way to Ruby Tuesday’s for lunch that was weird. Familiar yet not. Like travelling back in time. While at Ruby’s, I saw two faces I remember from one time or another in my schooling and that was ok b/c neither one of them were people I even remotely cared about. It totally reminded me though, that Mobile really isn’t that big..

Yesterday, we went out to lunch after church at this restaurant called Copelands. They pride themselves on “New Orleans” or “Cajun-style” cusine and it was YUMMY!! The best part of the meal (besides the mashed yams with brown sugar and butter glaze) was that Brent, who I have not seen in two years and who was one of my very oldest friends here in Mobile (we met in 6th grade), came up to the table to say hi. I sincerely did not recognize him at all and it was great to see him!!! In fact, I believe my exact words were “Shut the hell up!” when I saw him!

Today, I got some good Auntie-Kelly time in with Hannah (I can make her smile these huge smiles and that makes me all kinds of happy), then went to CARPE DIEM for some tea and catching up with my twins, Erica and Alexa. Weird how so much can change in a year, but how much can stay the same….

They are both so beautiful and the best thing about all of this is that we pretty much just pick up where we left off….Not to say that I don’t feel awful for not keeping in touch better…I hate that about myself in general with everyone…(Shelby Spare, where are you??) But atleast I realize this and in the interest of self-improvement, I will make an effort to work on it.

Ok, so where was I? Oh yes, Home and it’s FANTASTIC. The first time I saw my dad, which was yesterday afternoon, I hopped out of the car and he was standing in the driveway and the first thing he said was “Hey! I love you a whole bunch!” which might be the sweetest thing he’s ever said to me!!

Also, since I’ve been home, I’ve been getting lots of compliments from my fam about how good I look, how cute I am, etc. It kind of freaks me out and I kind of want to hear it all the time!! It’s just funny b/c I don’t feel like I’ve lost alot of weight or anything (I might be no more than 10 lbs less than I was at this time last year), and I don’t feel particularly stylish but people seem to think so and who’m I to argue right???

Anyhow, if any of you are heading home in the next few days (or are reading this from home as we speak). Go hug your mother, chat with your dad about where he went to school and who his friends were, tell your siblings how great it is to be with them this time of year, and for god’s sakes, ENJOY your time with them. It’s the biggest blessing you could ever ask for. I swear.

Until Next Time….


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