I absolutely refuse to believe that it is Sunday evening. There is no possible way this weird-ass weekend went by so fast. I have to admit that I am somewhat relieved that it seemed to whizz by, but I’m also really sad because I had a ton of fun and I abhor Sundays! (I abhor Mondays more)

I am very happy with my room, very happy with my living situation and very happy with a boy who’s name begins with “K” (Nope, you’re wrong. Where have you been for a decade! Keanu is *so* 7th grade!!) Even after fighting with the airfare seach engines for most of the afternoon (which prevented me from being able to hem my curtains because I was so frustrated, I knew I couldn’t do a good job), and after about 8 phone conversations with my mother, I found out that my Grandma is doing better which rules. I even had a nice breakfast with Lauren (not that expected it to be anything but). The waitress teased us about ordering the Mr and Mrs Benedict Arnold and Lauren got RAVE reviews on her clock jammy pants.

Kevin and I ate at Bravo!, the Italian place over on Chagrin where they are putting in all that fun shopping, etc. It was fantastic though I would advise you not to get too excited about the mashed potatoes. I was coming down off of a Cleveland Chop House high and even though I should have known better, I expected a warm and plentiful mound of the most incredible white cheddar mashed potatoes I have ever eaten…all other mashed for the time being pale in comparison.

Well, the time is nearing for bed and I have a few things I’d like to straighten up before I climb into my elevated bed thanks to Kevin, who helped me purchase the additional set of bed elevators since they come in boxes of 4 and silly me needs 5 to support my queen sized throne. I am going to sleep well tonight!!!

Have a great night and blog soon!



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